Bruna Linzmeyer reflects on the relationship between women and admits: "I feel more valued"

Bruna Linzmeyer talked to the magazine Glam and reflected on the relationship between women, in addition to talking about lesbian invisibility, highlighting the “unimportance” in the community.

Asked about this invisibility, the actress reports: “I think that when we think about having more lesbian women in all areas of power, it changes how things go.”

“If you have a dyke, who will approve the public notice for your film project, he will look at a lesbian project from another perspective, for example, in a way that a straight person may not be able to envision. We need to be in these spaces generating and building narratives, rescuing our memories.”

Linzmeyer continued: “We need to show that we have a world perspective that is unique, unlike other acronyms in the LGBTQIA+ community.” Bruna also spoke about what she believes to be more beautiful in a relationship between two women and admits: “

How women see me. For me, it’s the most different aspect. I become someone else. I feel more valued, it makes me a calmer, funnier, smarter person. I like who I am with women, not just with Martha (Supernova, his girlfriend).”

“But among friends, ex-girlfriends, or with the sapatão community. It makes a lot of sense to me when we’re together”, he explains.

In a participation to Conversation with Bial, the artist recounted how her older brother helped her reveal to her family that she was dating a woman.

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