Bruna Gomes promises “novelty” and receives affection in (new) video: “You are much more than what they think ❤️”

After being absent from TVI’s ‘Summer Party’, as a result of spending time with her family, as we have told here, Bruna Gomes returned to social media and toasted her followers with a new video on her Instagram page this Monday. fair, July 25th.

Before that, the influencer promised a “news” for “this week” through stories and showed a video on feed of a photo shoot he did.

When reacting to this sharing, the fans ‘flooded’ the winner of Big Brother – Final Challenge with full praise: “Show the energy you are! You are much more than what they think! ❤️ I saw and felt“, wrote Marie. “too wonderful“, “I never get tired of admiring your beauty“, “Perfection exists ❤️“, “Words for what? 🤩❤️” or “perfect 😍” are some (of the many) comments that can be read.

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