Bruggink judges Ajax: ‘The second half was very reminiscent of a refusal to work’

Kenneth Perez and Arnold Bruggink are surprised about what Ajax in the second half of the away match against FC Emmen showed. The word ‘refusal to work’ is used and in the broadcast of This was the Weekend there is talk about the path the club should take.

‘At Ajax you start thinking about who is in power at the moment’, says Bruggink. ‘The second half was very reminiscent of work refusal, I really think that. The World Cup and the 1-3 lead will have something to do with it, but you don’t know who’s boss at this point. That applies in the dressing room, for the trainer and also upwards at Ajax. In everything the question is: who will make which decision and what will happen?’

Perez also saw Ajax anything but convincing, after a rather disappointing result against Vitesse (2-2 draw). ‘After Wednesday you hoped that the players wanted to show something like: we support the trainer and we want to make something of this. I felt the opposite was exhibited.”

Perez not impressed by Ajax

The Dane was present in the Johan Cruijff ArenA when Ajax drew against Vitesse. He saw even better than on TV how things are going wrong at the club. “Wednesday I was in the stadium and I saw even better how slow it is and how disorganized the defensive play is. An opponent always has a chance against Ajax at the moment.’

‘What Ajax was doing in the second half was really abominable’, he adds. ‘At Ajax you see a lot that everyone plays for themselves. They don’t operate as a team. They went in half-baked and the actions at the ball were half-baked. A lot of space was also given away to the opponent.’

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