Bruce Willis Emma’s wife is a real support: She took her daughters to the beach

It seems that after the actor Bruce Willis (67) was diagnosed with aphasia, a brain disorder in which the patient stops understanding speech and has difficulty speaking, Bruce’s wife Emma (44) took over the reins at home.

The model shared a video on Instagram, which shows how she enjoys the actor’s daughters Mabel (10) and Evelyn (8) on an unnamed beach. But Bruce himself is missing, apparently he didn’t feel like having fun …

Bruce Willis hung the acting on a nail due to a serious brain disease

“If you prioritize your needs over others, no one wins,” Emma recently revealed her philosophy. “I don’t do it perfectly, but I really try to be the best. Because of the people I love, “she added. The reward for taking care of her children was a kiss that Bruce stuck in her the next morning before six o’clock – Emma celebrated her 44th birthday on Saturday. “Morning birthday kisses are the best,” she wrote on Instagram.

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