Bruce, 11, was fatally stabbed: the child survived long enough to name his mother as the perpetrator!

Oklahoma native Mary is accused of stabbing her 11-year-old son Bruce to death while they were at a residence in New Mexico. Bruce’s father, Bruce Johnson Senior, had moved to New Mexico some time ago to keep the boy away from his abusive mother.

Divorce proceedings were underway between the two parents. And custody of the child had been decided amicably, since despite the move, Mary was allowed to see her son regularly.

But according to various testimonies cited by Le journal de Montréal, Mary had a deviant behavior that had worsened the weeks before the tragedy. “It’s been going on since last November or December. It only got worse after that,” said a neighbor.

Until the day Mary takes action. She repeatedly stabbed her son, who died from his injuries. The boy would have survived long enough to identify his mother to the investigators, before succumbing.

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