Broke or not? Claudia Obert unpacks about finances

Financial secret revealed! The self-proclaimed TV millionaire and trash queen Claudia Obert (60) likes to indulge herself: whether men, shoes or bubbly – where Claudia occurs: “Life is a party”. In addition to her appearances in numerous reality TV formats and the management of her luxury boutique, she has now decided to publish a book: In her biography, the native of Freiburg now clears up the rumors of bankruptcy about her and reveals what her current account balance looks like!

“I’m not broke. I currently have a few hundred thousand euros in my account,” says the entrepreneur in her new book “Life is a party! My life between champagne, men and millions”. From Claudi’s point of view, she lives almost at the subsistence level in the millionaire world. Overall, in the last thirty years, she had a private net income of around six million euros, but her dissolute lifestyle and the following of the corona lockdown have made her millions dwindle. The 60-year-old reports honestly: “I made millions. I have squandered millions. The more money I had, the more I spent.” Her original financial tip to solve the problem: “Always spend less than you have.”

While the trash icon throws large sums of money around in her book, it is not only difficult for the reader to keep track of things: the tax office also regularly sounds the alarm, reports the fashion entrepreneur. While she spends over 20,000 euros in some months, it looks tighter in other months. Actually, however, she is quite economical anyway: “I am enough net 5,000 euros a month,” she notes, but then remarks a short time later that that is not enough for her.

Claudia Obert, self-proclaimed "TV millionaire"

Instagram / claudiaobert_luxusclever

Claudia Obert, self-proclaimed “TV millionaire”
"Celebrities under palm trees" participant Claudia Obert

Wehnert, Matthias / ActionPress

“Celebrities under palm trees” participant Claudia Obert
TV-Sternchen Claudia Obert

Instagram / claudiaobert_luxusclever

TV-Sternchen Claudia Obert

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