Broke by bike in Hensies, Salvatore is a miracle: out of the hospital, he testifies, “I spent twelve days in intensive care”

Salvatore Abraini would like to thank his two guardian angels, as he calls them. Amélie and her companion Rodrick live near the scene of the accident. On Sunday April 3, in the morning, the couple was at home. “I was in the front bedroom when I heard a boom,” explains the resident. “I looked out the window and saw a bicycle in front of my house. »

A hit and run had just been committed, rue des Chiens in Hensies. While riding his bicycle, Salvatore was mowed down by a young driver from behind. The 20-year-old motorist panicked and fled! The Mons prosecutor’s office then explained that he had returned to his parents. They decided to report him to the police. His father also regularly asked for news of Salvatore from the son of the victim…

►► Several months later, Salvatore testifies: “I spent twelve days in intensive care”

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