Brodská had to go under the knife again! Gallbladder in hell, he laments

Somehow it was, somehow it will be, and as long as you are Tereza Brodska she keeps optimism on her side, just something doesn’t throw her off. At the same time, however, she would like it if the health problems related to the painful gall bladder did not stick to her like a tick. “Fourth day in bed, gall bladder in the ass, books read… and I’d like to get out of that bed!” she complained on her Instagram profile.

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But they certainly don’t ask for regretful comments. She herself is aware that although not every day is sunny, others can suffer much worse blows of fate. “Even though I’m really not good either physically or mentally, it’s important to realize that many people are far worse off and one shouldn’t blaspheme! So as he says Eva Holubová: ‘Corners up!'” wrote Tereza Brodská at the end of her post, who is glad that she was able to function to some extent even with pain. “And thanks, gall bladder, for letting me finish the series! Otherwise you were a bastard!’ the star of the ZOO series added with a smile.

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The actress was also encouraged by her friend, who complained about her health problems. But apparently she didn’t expect such a quick answer! “At least you don’t have to lose weight!” she replied ingeniously. The actress was so amused by it that even with such a “news” she could not impoverish her fans.

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