Britney Spears: when is her wedding with Sam Asghari

In recent months, the life of Britney Spears has taken many turns. And it is that the liberation of the control exerted by his father about his career he joined the announcement of her pregnancy Y subsequent engagement to Sam Asghari.

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And it is that after the movement “free britney“, the “Princess of pop” managed, after 13 years, to get rid of the legal guardianship of his fatherwhich gave him control of all aspects of the singer’s life, including income and activities.

Fortunately for her, after the court ruling that gave her back her faculties, the interpreter of “Toxic” was able to take charge of her life, and even announce her marriage to Sam Asgharithe man who accompanied her in her legal battle.

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The model of Iranian origin, Sam Asghari, has been in a relationship with Britney Spears for just over two years. (Photo: @britneyspears)


Few things are known about Spears-Asghari marriageand what is known is thanks to the boyfriend, who recently shared an image on his social networks sharing, in addition to a mother’s day greetinga confirmation of the commitment.

On his Instagram account, the Iranian-born model, personal trainer and actor shared a photo kissing Spears, who shows her engagement ring in the foreground. third marriage.

“Our lives have been a fairy tale in real life. Happy Mother’s Day to you, who will soon be my queen,” Asghari said.

In addition to the sweet greeting, the model shared a revealing message about when will be the marriage between britney spears and sam asghari.

“The big day is already decided, but no one will know until the day after,” said the model, also confirming that the ceremony will take place in strict privacy.

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In all the years she has been active, “Pop princess” has shown to have a lot of elegance to dress, wearing designer clothes with which he stole the lights at the events he attended. And for her marriage it will be no different.

The interpreter of “Toxic” will wear a dress created by donatella versacewith whom she has been working for several months, since the singer’s pregnancy can complicate the design.

In an Instagram post, the pop singer even revealed part of her wedding outfit alongside her cat. “Introducing Wendy. And yes, this is the veil of my wedding dress, ”she indicated.

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