Britney Spears shares new nude photos: When the end is good…

40-year-old Britney Spears is certainly not pale for showing off her body.

Just a few days ago, the pop star shared a picture where she – except for a pair of knee socks – was naked from head to toe. Only genitals and nipples were hidden with her arms and small, pink heart and flower emojis, respectively.

Now she has thrown away her clothes again. This time, however, she poses with her back to, wearing a small, red g-string panty and high heels in a small series of pictures she has chosen to share with her more than 38 million followers.

“Butt time,” Britney Spears writes for the post, concluding with three red rose emojis.

In addition to the three images of the star itself, there is also a fourth and final image in the series. Namely a picture of white gloves covered with a single red rose.

The roses that appear in several places are something that fans have been noticing for a long time.

This is because it is far from the first time that the red, romantic flowers appear on the singer’s profile.

Fans have long wondered about the mysterious ‘Project Rose’, which Britney has been teasing for several years on her social media.

It is believed that the project has to do with her fierce legal battle to free herself from a controversial guardianship established by the pop icon’s father in 2008.

A guardianship that – at long last – was terminated in November 2021.

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