Britney Spears reveals: Will tell EVERYTHING to Oprah

To that extent, Oprah Winfrey has managed to get a number of otherwise taciturn stars to speak over the past year.

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First it was Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan who spoke out about their decision to leave the British royal family, and most recently it was the singer Adele who told about everything from her weight loss to her divorce.

And now the 67-year-old talk show host is apparently succeeding in pulling another celebrity in for a big talk-out interview.

At any rate, none other than Britney Spears suggests in a video on social media that she will tell her story to Oprah Winfrey in the near future. It writes Page Six.

Oprah has previously interviewed Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.

Oprah has previously interviewed Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.
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The pop star shared the video on Wednesday night Danish time.

It is the first detailed statement she shares since she dropped the 13-year guardianship her father had over her a few days ago.

“I might as well tell a little bit about my thoughts here before I tell everything to Oprah,” the singer writes for the video.

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In the video, she thanks, among other things, the #FreeBritney movement for ‘saving her life’:

“You are too cool. My voice was silent and threatened for so long. I did not have the opportunity to say anything or say anything, but you spread attention around what was going on, “she says.

In the video, the singer also tells how happy she is that she is now a free woman.

“I am grateful for every single day. I am grateful that I have the keys to my car and that I can be a self-employed woman who has a bank card and who has seen cash for the first time in an eternity so I can buy things myself. “

Britney Spears also unveils a bit of what she wants to spend her time on now that the guardianship is over.

Britney Spears.

Britney Spears.

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She says that she will, among other things, be an advocate for people who suffer from diseases which – just as she did – have ended up in the ‘system’, as she calls it.

“I’m a strong woman, so I can only guess at what the system has done to the people who are really sick.”

The guardianship of Britney Spears was officially ended on Friday, November 12th.

The judge dismissed the guardianship without requiring any further mental evaluation of Britney Spears, which was otherwise previously a requirement.

Page Six has tried to get a comment from Oprah Winfrey on whether it’s right for her to interview Britney Spears, but talk show host’s representatives have not returned media inquiries.

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