Britney Spears refuses to see her mother: ‘She gave him the idea!’

Britney Spears is free.

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It is clear after the 39-year-old pop star has been under the guardianship of his father, Jamie Spears, for 13 years.

But there’s not just a conflict between Britney Spears and Jamie Spears.

According to Page Six, Britney Spears has completely cut off her mother, Lynne Spears. Sources close to Britney Spears say that Lynne Spears has tried to re-establish contact with Britney in the time leading up to the end of the guardianship. However, without success.

‘Lynne Spears flew to Los Angeles to talk to Britney. But Britney did not even let her enter the house. She is furious at her mother. “Lynne Spears tried to get in touch with Britney over several days, but Britney just froze her out,” the source tells Page Six.


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In a later deleted Instagram post, Britney Spears gave more details about how the whole guardianship was connected.

‘My father started the whole guardianship 13 years ago. But what people do not know is that it was my mother who gave him the idea. I will never get those years back again, ”says Britney Spears and continues.

“She ruined my life in secret. So that she claims she had no idea what was going on is completely wrong, “says Britney Spears.

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Britney Spears’s lawyers are investigating whether Jamie Spears did anything criminal in connection with his time as guardian. He himself rejects this.

In December, several unresolved issues regarding Britney Spears’ finances will be discussed at a hearing.

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