Britney Spears is annoyed with Christina Aguilera for not supporting her

Pop princess Britney Spears was extremely upset with her music colleague Christina Aguilera after the latter refused to speak about her 13-year guardianship case.

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It all happened when the interpreter of ‘Por siempre tú’ walked the Red Carpet at the 2021 Latin Grammy Awards this last Thursday night, journalists approached her to ask her about Britney’s situation: “Have you had any communication with her or are you going to celebrate?”.

At that time, Aguilera was silent and a representative interrupted the interview to say: “No we won’t do this tonight, sorry”. The singer continued on her way, but came to express: “I can’t … however I’m happy for her”.

This cold answer was criticized by Britney Spears, who could not bear that her music partner did not support her in this hard process that she had to live to separate herself from the tutelage that her father had over her for 13 years.

For this reason, he used his Instagram account to pronounce himself and show his indignation at the brief phrase that his music colleague issued. He posted the video of Aguilera’s response with the following text:

I love and adore everyone who has supported me … but refusing to speak up when you know the truth is tantamount to lying. Why is 13 years in a corrupt system of abuse a difficult topic for people to talk about? I’m the one who went through it! All the people who raised their voices for me and supported me … Thank you! I matterSpear wrote on her Instagram stories.

(Instagram @britneyspear)


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