Britney Spears has shared Danish Tina’s artwork – but wrongly credited: ‘I got a shock’

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The Danish visual artist Tina Maria Elena Bak got something of a surprise on Wednesday morning.

Because when she checked her Instagram profile, through which she also shares her art, it abounded with messages and notifications.

“There were a lot of people who had written ‘this is the real artist’ and tagged me, and when I found out it was because Britney Spears had shared my picture, I was a little shocked,” it reads. with a laugh from Tina Maria Elena to BT

She is both happy and overwhelmed that such a big name as the worldwide pop star has caught the eye of her work ‘Feminine Rose no. 8’.

But unfortunately there is a small problem.

“Because then I could see that I am unfortunately not on the notice,” says the Danish artist.

For in fact, Britney Spears has credited a completely different Instagram profile belonging to model Ana To.

“I don’t know how Britney found my picture, but the account she credited is someone who has shared my art before. But she has actually tagged me, so if you are a little searching you can find me,’ explains Tina Maria Elena Bak.

Tina Maria Elena is an independent and self-taught Danish-French full-time artist based in Odense. Her works revolve around sensuality and the body, and she has exhibited in New York, among other places.
Photo: Private

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Ana To has already tried to make Britney Spears aware of the mistake in the comment track for the post – and Tina Maria Elena has asked her followers to do the same.

But here, several hours later, the error is still not fixed.

And Tina Maria Elena does not dare to hope that it will actually be.

“But now I’ve spent the day thinking about it, and it’s great, no matter what comes out of it. Just the fact that a world star shares my art is a gift in itself,’ she exults.

Pop star Britney Spears has shared the Danish artist Tina Maria Elena's artwork - but unfortunately gave another credit for the work.  Britney Spears is seen here at the MTV Music Awards in New York in 2016.

Pop star Britney Spears has shared the Danish artist Tina Maria Elena’s artwork – but unfortunately given another credit for the work. Here’s Britney Spears at the 2016 MTV Music Awards in New York.
Photo: Eduardo Munoz

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Because right now there aren’t that many Instagram users who have found their way to Tina Maria Elena through Britney Spears’ post, that the Danish artist has been able to feel that a world star has shared her artwork with her nearly 42 million followers.

“It is of course a shame that it is not the right credit. But Britney Spears has an account of a size where she probably doesn’t realize it. But that would be a positive surprise! And that would bring a lot of good attention to my path as an artist,’ Tina Maria Elena is sure.

But at first she just allows herself to be proud and happy about the ‘surreal’ experience.

“Who isn’t a little bit of a Britney fan? I listened to her music in high school – she’s an icon after all!’ concludes Tina Maria Elena with a laugh.

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