Britney Spears ‘former guardian will keep Jamie Spears’ future plan hidden

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Friday was a day of joy for many.

Here, Britney Spears and millions of fans could breathe a sigh of relief when a court in Los Angeles put an end to the singer’s guardianship after 13 years.

Therefore, the 39-year-old pop star is now in the settlement phase of the famous guardianship. Jodi Montgomery has been working with Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, on the guardianship since 2019, but both were replaced at the end of September by the chartered accountant, John Sabel.

However, Montgomery still wants to help the pop queen. Among other things, by making sure that Jamie Spears does not gain access to the legal documents she submitted to the courts several days before Friday’s release. It writes TMZ.

Documents that, among other things, contain a form of termination plan that contains a number of guidelines to help Britney through the transition to ordinary life outside the guardianship.

In addition, the documents contain information about the pop star’s two children, personally sensitive medical information as well as information about Britney Spears’ business interests and general finances.

‘It’s no secret that Spears has had a controversial relationship with his family, especially his father, Jamie Spears. Given the case, it is clear that she does not want her medical or other privacy rights invaded by her father or any other party in this custody case, “said Jodi Montgomery, for whom it is extremely important that this information does not reach up to Jamie Spears.

Montgomery does not want anyone other than Britney’s lawyer and a judge to see the documents, which – according to her – is also the singer’s wish.

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