Britney Spears disappears from Instagram after alleged fight with her husband


The singer deleted her Instagram account after an alleged altercation with her husband.

© sam asghariFans pointed out that Britney had problems with her husband

Singer Britney Spears continues in the midst of controversyon this occasion the interpreter of “Oops! I Did it Again“generated speculation among his followers, after he deleted his instagram account after an alleged altercation with her husband Sam Asghari and a message that caught the attention of his fans.

And it is that if you look for Britney Spears in your Instagram account, it will tell you that the “page is not available” and when it is put in the search engine, andThe artist’s name appears to have been changed to River Redbut the account with more than 41.6 million followers just disappeared shortly after Spears deleted all content from her profile.

+ Is Britney Spears in danger?

Concerned for the safety of the princess of pop, fans in the United States claimed to have called 911. However, tabloids like TMZ reported that The police arrived at the home of the also actress and businesswoman and determined that she was not in dangerbut it was not specified if the officers spoke with the singer.

+ What does Sam Asghari have to do with it?

The fans pointed to an alleged infidelityafter Britney posted a photo, before deleting her account, in which a car appeared with a message: “Hello, where are we going? I just liked the car. Point. A safe, calm, civilized thing. Embarrassing fishing for compliments is a sure bet. I mean, am I supposed to trust the person next to me to shoot?” with which the fans surmised that she was talking about having photos and that she was addressing her husband.

Britney also said that Instagram is something to talk about and that the interest is what unleashes the most: “keep coughing players, just remember to watch your back or you might get caught (…) Giving everything to someone I love just gave me a dagger through the heart“, wrote.

Despite the rumors and the disappearance of Britney’s Instagram account, Asghari has shown habitual behavior on his own social network, where the pop star’s husband has 3 million followers. Asghari has continued to upload modeling stories and has not made any utterances on her Spears account..

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