Brindisi, the body of a 27-year-old laborer found in an abandoned farmhouse. The association: “Why didn’t they help him?”

The corpse of Toure Saidou, farmhand of 27 years old originally from Guinea, has been found Monday 10 January in an abandoned cottage a Brindisi, at the gates of the La Rosa district. Of the man, married and father of four children, there was no news from Saturday 8 Januarywhen he went to work in the country. “It was raining a lot,” recalled the association Siming Africa, who broke the news of the death on social media with a post denouncing: “Monday morning whoever lent him the bike found it in a cottage in the countryside, lonely and lifeless but next to a still warm hearth. From the stories of workmates it is certain that at work it was bad, but then why didn’t they help him? Why did no one do the only thing necessary and perhaps sufficient to save his life: call 118? “.

On Saturday Saidou had borrowed a bicycle to go to work, but already “he wasn’t feeling very well, he said so, he sat down but then he finished his shift and never came back”, wrote the association born in Brindisi to bring together people from Senegal, from Gambia and from Guinea.Why doesn’t anyone care how Saidou and Camara Fantamadi died and too many other people before them?“, Continues the note of the association, which refers to the death of the 27-year-old migrant Camara Fantamadi, originally from Mali, occurred on June 24 last on the provincial road that connects Brindisi to the hamlet of Tuturano, “after the boy had worked hoeing the earth for at least 4 hours, under the sun”.

Why isn’t an autopsy done to these bodies dying in the countryside? We are interested in and together with the brothers and sisters we will establish a registry of these silent deaths“, Continues the Smiling Africa post. “With them dies the hope of a better future for them, for their families and for all of us, who believe in civil coexistence and in dignity of work. We are all watching together and with ever-increasing attention on our campaigns and construction sites, so that these crimes do not happen again and the value of lives is the same for everyone ”, concludes the association.

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