Brigitte Macron on the side of the unvaccinated? Emmanuel Macron’s wife returns to the President’s virulent remarks, and surprises

After coming to discuss with Jacques Legros on the 1 p.m. news on TF1 on January 11, Brigitte Macron was a guest on the RTL Matin program on January 14. Coming to talk about the Yellow Pieces operation which began this Wednesday, the president of the Hospital Foundation wishes to help as much as possible not only children, but also adolescents hospitalized, and victims of violence.

Obviously, after having mentioned this solidarity operation, the First Lady of France once again had to give her opinion on the words of her husband a few days earlier. Violent remarks, which caused scandals, and still continue today. In an attempt to make him forgive the French, Brigitte Macron agreed to say a little more about the situation: “Emmanuel speaks very frankly, speaks very cash and night and day he takes care of the health crisis. Not only that, but he is in the health crisis all the time so he knows there is no other way out for the moment. There is nothing in practice other than the vaccine. That’s the reason we have to do it. “

Brigitte Macron defends the unvaccinated


To ease tensions, the former French teacher has agreed to resume her role as a teacher, and to understand the point of view of people who have decided not to be vaccinated for the moment, “There are fears concerning this vaccine. I hear them. I understand all the fears. From the moment there is fear, we must discuss. We must explain. That means that perhaps, on pedagogy, maybe we did not understand what Messenger RNA was and I respect the fears. So I think we have to explain. Me, you know, I am a teacher. So I am still in the explanation. And sometimes you think you are clear, but you have to measure what the person opposite does not necessarily understand.“. A way for her to show that no French is left behind.

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