Bridgerton will replace Francesca’s actress in season 3

The third season of Bridgerton, a Netflix series, will feature a new actress playing the character Francesca.

According to Hollywood Reporterstar Hannah Dodd will take on the role of Francesca Bridgerton, replacing Ruby Stokes.

Hannah Dodd participated in productions such as Meet Me in Paris, Eternals and Fighting for the Family, among others.

Ruby Stokes won’t run out of work, however, as she plays a prominent role in Lockwood & Co.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s possible that this actress swap happened simply because the producers want to introduce a new phase in Francesca Bridgerton’s life, as Hannah Dodd is a little older than Ruby Stokes.

blockbuster series

Bridgerton is a highly successful series on Netflix, garnering great ratings in both season one and season two.

One of the show’s producers is Shonda Rhimes, who is known for being the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, a huge TV hit.

In Brazil, Bridgerton is now available on Netflix.

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