Bridgerton: Simone Ashley’s wacky way to prepare for hot scenes has to do with snails

Actress Simone Ashley has unveiled her extravagant method of preparing for sex scenes: observing snails.

In the last season of Bridgertonthe public has come to know Simone Ashley, the actress who played Anthony Bridgerton’s Forbidden Love, aka the beautiful Kate Sharma. The star who played the role unveiled how she prepared for the sex scenesadopting a very particular method.

Bridgerton; a photo of Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley

While participating in the Los Angeles Times podcast “The Envelope”, Simone Ashley revealed how she prepared for Bridgerton’s sex scenes, as well as Sex Education, another show she participated in. She the actress said that in 2019 she attended a seminar, where she observed how snails mate. Simone revealed:

“We explored the movement of different animals to portray different rhythms or different sexualities or how sensual something could be”.

The actress explained that in these videos there were also snails who, for example, have a more sensual movement during intimate moments, inspiration for some very hot scenes that we also saw in Bridgerton.

Jonathan Bailey accidentally put on his Bridgerton thong in a pub: “I was so traumatized”

Despite the grievances of fans, who found the first season much hotter, the second season of the Netflix show was eventually appreciated precisely for the slow and sensual rhythms of the relationship between Anthony and Kate, who then became the new darlings of the public. of the show.

We all know that Bridgerton 3 is already in the works and it has been announced by the creators that this chapter will focus on Penelope, played by Nicola Coughlan.

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