Bridgerton season 3: an actress leaves the Netflix drama, but has already been replaced


The third season of Bridgerton It begins to take shape and, although little is known, some details have already leaked. She knows the actress who leaves the Netflix drama and has already been replaced.

the bridgerton family
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The second season of Bridgerton It has been a complete success just like the first one. It was last March 25 when the new episodes reached Netflix all the way up this time Shonda Rhimes production opted to capture Julia Quinn’s second book: the viscount who loved me. In it who takes the leading role is Anthony, the character who in fiction is played by Jonathan Bailey.

However, beyond the fact that the second season of Bridgerton was another world sensation, the story of the brothers of the high society of Mayfair does not end there. This is because the original writer of it, Julia Quinn, released eight books, one for each member of the family. So much so that, seeing the furor it generates, the platform decided to renew adaptation produced by Shonda Rhimes twice, which implies that the third and fourth editions are a fact.

Still, beyond knowing that Bridgerton has a long life yet, fans are eager to find out how they will approach the third season. Is that, following what was published by Quinn, now Netflix should focus on the third writing: I give you my heart. This story is starring Benedict, who in the strip is played by Luke Thompson. And, without a doubt, it is one of the most moving love stories of all.

In any case, at the moment not much is known about it other than what is reflected in the book. But, in the last few hours, a piece of news has surprised fans of the series: there will be a change in the cast. As it turned out, as Regé-Jean Page, an actress leaves the Netflix original drama. Is about Ruby Stokes, who from the first part gave life to Francescaone of the sisters of the family.

Apparently, the departure of the actress has to do with the fact that she was signed by the same streaming giant for Lockwood and Co., a new series that will adapt the service on demand. However, it should be noted that Shonda Rhimes’ producer has already found her replacement: actress Hannah Dodd will be the one to give life to Francesa from now on. This change came just in time.

Well, the truth is that this character has not yet taken a leading role since, for the moment, Shondaland is focused on the first books. That is to say, after capturing the story of Daphne, Anthony and having Benedict’s in process, she follows Colin’s and, most likely in a fifth one, she will follow Eloise’s. It is that, as is well known, Julia Quinn wrote the books according to the birth order of each of her brothers. This means that if the platform captures Francesca’s story, it will only be in a while.

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