Bridgerton: Season 3 already has a perfect replacement for [SPOILER]

The events of Bridgerton’s second season have shaken the friendship between Penelope and Eloise. In season three, it’s clear they won’t be friends anymore.

Instead of going back on this storyline, Bridgerton should give Eloise a new best friend. And in that sense, there is already a perfect replacement for Penelope, as pointed out by Screen Rant.

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The third season of Bridgerton can bet on the growth of the friendship between Eloise and Kate Sharma. The second season has already indicated that the two characters can get along well.

Eloise and Kate can become great friends

They are even similar in some ways. Both stand out for their passions and their intellects, for example.

Also, Eloise and Kate are rebellious and independent women who are willing to get more than society is willing to give.

This automatically creates a connection between people, which should be explored in Bridgerton. It remains to be seen whether the series will seize the opportunity.

Bridgerton is available on Netflix.

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