Brides swap husbands during their marriage: “blame” for a sudden black out

My big, dark, Indian wedding. It happens that a father, Rameshlal Railotdecides to organize four weddings on the same day: all children in one fell swoop. We are in India, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Now, it must be said that the temperatures in the country are far beyond the normal values ​​of the period: according to the Meteorological Department, March was the hottest month since 1901 with temperatures reaching 47C in the North. This is why many towns and villages have to deal with frequent blackouts. The prime minister Narendra Modi he also said he was very worried why the nearby glaciers of the Himalayas, Hindu Kush And Karkoram they are melting faster than usual. We leave the alarming problem of global warming against the background of history: it is our duty to frame this grotesque story in the broadest picture. As if to say: we observe the Nanga Parbat glacier (Diamir) and then we go down to the plain, without forgetting what we have seen. Let’s go back to central India, at Nikita and Karishma’s wedding, two of Mr. Railot’s daughters. To put it bluntly, that the introduction lasted too long, the two exchanged husbands during a black out. The story tells itIndependent. The sisters wore very similar red dresses. The veil to cover the face. the dynamics? The ceremony begins at 9 pm. The lights go out. The guests in the dark. Some of the premarital rites take place in darkness. When day breaks (and the electricity comes back), the couples are seated: it is easy for the relatives to understand that the brides were going to exchange husbands. It is not known whether the girls already knew their spouses or whether it was arranged marriages, “In the dark” in various declinations. Mr. Railot defined what happened at the wedding of his children humiliating, also because in the middle of the blackout there was a certain chaos in the party hall. However, the father said he was relieved because everything was resolved before the exchange of votes.


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