Brenda demands ‘Power Couple’ attitude after denouncing Mussunzinho’s aggression against Matheus

Brenda Passion demanded an attitude from the production of “Power Couple Brasil 6” after denouncing an alleged aggression by Mussunzinho against Matheus Sampaio. According to the couple, who have gained repercussions for their moments of chaos, the actor hit him hard, on purpose, and ended up hurting the influencer. “Very serious,” snapped Brenda.

“Today I’m not going to take a stand for a fact that happened and that we’re waiting for a position from the program’s direction. I’m just explaining why I’m quiet and crying. Soon people will start calling me a pretender and a victim” , said the redhead, during the Quebra-Power this Sunday (12).

“Leave to talk at the right time”, advised Matheus. “I’m waiting for a position of something very serious that happened, which was neither the first nor the second time,” said Brenda.

Matheus Sampaio narrates alleged aggressions

During the dynamic, Matheus Sampaio detailed the alleged aggressions. “In the pantry, Mussunzinho gave me a ‘ombrada’. No one saw it. At the party, I had a glass of red fruit caipirinha in my hand, and he went to get some food and, on the way back, made a point of bumping into me. He took my mic, the glass of drink almost fell out of my hand,” he said.

“And another time, when I opened the door of the room, he gave me a ‘shoulder’, grabbed my chest and hurt me. He insisted on having physical contact with me. He could have deviated. If the PlayPlus didn’t catch, I’m exhibiting here”, continued Carioca.

After the program’s activity, Mussunzinho admitted that he bumped into Matheus, but clarified that he was not strong as he narrated. “He opened the door and kept coming, I was already in step and I did so”, demonstrated the artist, bumping into Fr Lanza.

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