Brenda Asnicar shared a completely naked video in the shower and defied Instagram censorship

After parting ways with Duki and start a new life with the New York polo player Adam Justin, the life of Brenda Asnicar it is based on going to and from the United States. Now he is presenting his latest work, “Bandida”, on the Atlantic Coast and took advantage of the high temperatures to challenge all limits on Instagram.

The former “Ugly Duckling” was recorded while bathing and accompanied the sensual video with the song “Agüita” by Ráfaga. This is how he shared it in stories and raised sighs from his followers.

Watch the video of Brenda Asnicar in the shower

Why did he part ways with Duki

In an interview in “We can talk“Last year, Asnicar revealed the reason why he distanced himself from the singer:”I have no idea. I think that enduring the quarantine was very complicated, the same was later“.

In “The Mammons“, expressed:”With Duki we spent the entire quarantine locked up. 2020 was a very difficult year. We got together earlier. He’s a sweetie, I love him. For me it is very fachero. But I clarify that I did not leave it because things do not work that way, people do not leave themselves as if they were a potato bags”.

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