Breakthrough in the treatment of pancreatic cancer: The first patient got hope

It is called SOT102 and was developed by the biotechnology company Sotio Biotech in collaboration with colleagues from Switzerland. “It has the ability to selectively select a tumor cell, attach to its surface and release a highly effective drug after penetration. And without damaging healthy cells, “said Aha! Sotio Biotech spokesman Richard Kapsa.

According to him, 109 patients with gastric and pancreatic tumors in Europe and the USA will now be included in the clinical study. “The products we develop are one of the most interesting treatment approaches in oncology. The goal is to provide an effective and safe treatment option for patients with selected solid tumors, “said Professor Radek Špíšek, CEO of Sotio.


Doctors from the Masaryk Oncology Institute also played a significant role in research into a new diagnostic method for early detection of pancreatic cancer. Analysis of fats in a patient’s blood serum should develop a method to help detect the type of cancer in the early and early asymptomatic stages.

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