Break with a shocking background! Vémola reaped what he sowed

Last night was hard for Carlos. During a live broadcast on social networks, he described in detail why he was breaking up with Lela and what had actually happened. “I found out he was having an affair with another guy. It’s even worse because he was a good friend of mine, “ the wrestler began. He had suspected Lela of infidelity for a long time.

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“I figured out that you can see on our social networks that Lela has Cartiers, diamond rings, necklaces everywhere. I don’t fight now, I don’t have it. Of course it was weird to me. “ said Carlos. In the end, it turned out that all the luxury gifts were from his “friend”. In the end, he managed to catch the couple in the act and admitted that his friend got something for it.

Carlos and Lela have two children, Lilly and Rocky, who are less than a month old. They had walked away from each other in the past, but after a while they returned to each other. The question is whether this case will have a happy ending. According to Carlos, it doesn’t look like that.

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