Brazilian catwoman says she lost flirts for being a nymphomaniac: “Nobody can stand me”

Nicknamed the Brazilian Catwoman, the influencer Luizza Meirelles told that she “lost flirts” for being addicted to sex.

When opening up about her sex life, the model explained that she “has no patience” with those who can’t stand her marathons and that “there is nothing better” than starting and ending the day having sex:

“I lose a few flirts because I like the ‘thing’ so much. It’s not my fault if the person can’t handle it. Nothing better to start, and end the day, than a good sex,” she declared.

Luizza added: “There are people who are afraid [por ela ser ninfomaníaca], but the number of people who like it as much as I do is large. I lose flirts, but one leaves and eighteen comes. I run out of patience for those who can’t take it,” she continued.

Traveling around Europe for three months, the model boasts a luxury life on her Instagram 一 where she has more than 510,000 followers 一 and says she always looks for hotels used by Hollywood and music stars to stay.

“I arrive at the hotel to check in and I already ask: ‘which room did Mick Jagger stay in?’. This is what I want. Since it’s about enjoying life, I want everything I’m entitled to from it,” he added.

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