Brazen, the review: the new Netflix thriller with Alyssa Milano

Brazen’s Review: A crime writer and crime expert, played by Alyssa Milano, finds herself having to solve the case of her sister’s murder.

Brazen: Alyssa Milano in a scene from the film

Among the new releases Netflix of the month of January we find Brazen, a thriller film directed by Monika Mitchell and based on the famous novel by Nora Roberts Desire runs on the wire (original title Brazen Virtue). The film, which sees the actress Alyssa Milano in the role of the protagonist, follows the vicissitudes of Grace Miller, author of detective novels and expert in crimes whose existence is suddenly turned upside down by the discovery of the body of her sister Kathleen. As we will see in ours Brazen’s review, the film, although enjoyable in its being a mix between thriller and romantic comedy, is immediately not very credible, above all because of the character played by Milan.

Kat’s double life

Grace Miller (Alyssa Milano) is a famous author of detective novels and a leading expert on crime. After receiving a seemingly urgent message from her sister Kathleen (Emilie Ullerup), the woman rushes to her home, despite the two haven’t seen each other for several years. Kat, in fact, is not facing an easy time: she has a history of drug addiction, a stormy divorce in progress and is fighting for the custody of her son Kevin. Despite this, Kat goes to great lengths to get her life back in hand, working in a high school as a theater and English teacher. To help her recover, Grace decides to move to her sister’s house for a while. Here she meets Ed (Sam Page), a detective from the Washington homicide squad with whom she starts dating. Returning from one of their dates, however, Grace makes a devastating discovery: Kat has been murdered in her home. Firmly believing in her abilities as a mystery writer, she insists on joining the investigation, which is meanwhile assigned to Ed and his colleague Ben (Malachi Weir). However, she soon discovers that her sister was hiding a double life, performing as a dominatrix via webcam on an erotic site.

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An implausible protagonist

Brazen Credits Sergei Bachlakov Netflix 2021 3

Brazen: Alyssa Milano, Malachi Weir and Sam Page in a scene from the film

What we immediately notice in Brazen is the lack of plausibility, especially as regards the character played by Alyssa Milano. Perhaps the most absurd element, as well as the basis of the narrative, lies in the fact that the protagonist Grace Miller, angry and upset by the murder of her sister, is allowed by the same police department to take part in the investigation. Your references? Having a blood bond with the victim, being an author of detective novels and having a romantic relationship with the detective in charge of the investigation. Despite the fact that the character of Grace is taken by everyone so incredibly seriously, what comes to the viewer is a character without character and less perceptive and intelligent than they would have us believe. This, coupled with the weakness of the dialogue and the perennial feeling of artificiality, almost completely exhausts any kind of tension or suspense that we would expect from a thriller film.

a mix of genres

Brazen Credits Sergei Bachlakov Netflix 2021 6

Brazen: Alyssa Milano and Sam Page in a scene from the film

If you are looking for a light vision that, despite talking about a murder investigation, is capable of snatching some involuntary smile, then the film directed by Monika Mitchell is right for you. Brazen, in fact, presents itself as a well-balanced mix of mystery, romance and comedy, capable of offering an hour and a half of pure and disengaged entertainment. A comfort movie which, in its total absence of plausibility, still manages to give the viewer various elements of surprise. Not as far as the perpetrator of the murder is concerned, sadly.


As we saw in our review of Brazen, the new thriller starring Alyssa Milano immediately reveals itself for what it is: an hour and a half of disengaged entertainment that mixes elements of mystery, romance and comedy. Furthermore, the total lack of plausibility, given above all by the Milan character, almost completely exhausts any kind of tension or suspense that we would expect from a thriller film.

Because we like it

  • Mix of mister, romance and comedy.
  • Give some element of surprise.

What’s wrong

  • Lack of plausibility.

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