Brazen, the film based on the novel by Nora Roberts

Detail of the poster – Photo: Netflix

Will a crime writer be able to solve a real murder case? We will know the answer thanks to the film ‘Brazen’, which is streaming on Netflix on Thursday 13 January. It is played by Alyssa Milano (‘Charmed’) and is the adaptation of the novel ‘Brazen Virtue’ by the American writer Nora Roberts.

Brazen, all about the crime film

The plot revolves around a woman named Grace Miller, a crime expert and author of successful detective stories. One day he decides to visit his sister, struggling with a divorce full of resentment and low blows: he finds her dead murdered. The first police investigations find that the deceased had a double life: loving and capable teacher by day, erotic webcam girl by night. A truth that does not seem able to clarify what happened and so Grace, despite the warnings of the detective who deals with the case, decides to get involved and put her experience at the service of the investigation.

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As already mentioned, the film ‘Brazen’ is the adaptation of a book by Nora Roberts, stage name of Eleanor Marie Robertson and author of millions of copies specializing in romance novels with a thriller background. The screenplay was written by Suzette Couture (‘Conspiracy of Silence) e Donald Martin (‘Queen Bees’), while the direction was signed by Monika Mitchell, which has several television movies and titles such as ‘Night Deposit’, ‘John Apple Jack’ and ‘Detective McLean’. The most famous name appears in the cast and is that of the protagonist Alyssa Milano, seen for example in the TV series ‘Charmed’, ‘Melrose Place’, ‘My Name is Earl’ and more recently ‘Mistresses’. Next to her we find Sam Page, Colleen Wheeler, Malachi Weir, Lossen Chambers, Matthew Finland, Berry W. Levy and Aaron Paul Stewart.

The trailer in the original language

How to watch the movie

‘Brazen’ is not lost in delays and lasts 1 hour and 34 minutes. Anyone wishing to watch it only has to wait until January 13, the day of publication in the Netflix streaming content catalog. Small warning: the vision is not suitable for children.

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