Brando’s daughter did not appear in the case against her, she is afraid of COVID

Brendo’s daughter Alexandra Baneva did not appear at the hearing in the case against her, her mother Monika Dobrinova, her father, her uncle Simo Karaichev and Dobrinova’s company “BMA Trading” EOOD. The lawsuit was filed in court in 2018 by KPKONPI for confiscation of property and money acquired from the illegal cocaine trade, according to Tsatsarov’s agency.

After two corrective examinations, the anti-corruption commission of Sotir Tsatsarov managed to correct all the irregularities in the claim against Brando for the confiscation of his property, acquired according to KPKONPI from criminal activity. At a hearing on Thursday, the magistrates of the Sofia City Court launched the case, which will be heard in March next year.

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The defendant, Alexandra Baneva, was not present at the hearing at which the claim of KPCONPI, which was amended for the second time, was considered. It became clear from her lawyer that she did not honor the court with her presence because she was afraid of the raging COVID pandemic. The judge accepted this as an adequate justification against the background of the situation in the country. Alexandra’s defense assured the court that Brendo’s daughter will attend the start of the case in March next year.

The lawyer representing Tsatsarov’s commission in the case against the “cocaine king” and his family asked the judge to provide him with a copy of the indictment against Evelin Banev of Romania. There, Brendo was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The judge considered that the request was related to the investigation of KPKONPI and approved it. It also became clear at the hearing that the court will appoint experts and new expert assessments of Banev’s three-storey property are to be carried out.

KPKONPI filed the claim for the confiscation of BGN 1,888,600 immediately after Brando’s conviction in Bulgaria. In 2018, Banev was finally sentenced to 6 years in prison, and the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office issued a European arrest warrant. Brando was found guilty of money laundering from drugs in Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, the British Virgin Islands, Switzerland and Austria from October 2002 to May 2005.

After the filing of the claim by Tsatsarov’s commission in October last year, the Sofia City Court returned it to KPKONPI with specific instructions. In March this year, the court found that the requirements were not met again, and returned the application for the second time. The magistrates then warned Tsatsarov that if the instructions were not followed within 2 weeks, the proceedings would be terminated. For the third time, KPONPI managed to correct the irregularities and on Thursday the case was scheduled for March 24 next year.

Brando was caught in Kiev

Before Tsatsarov’s commission filed for confiscation in 2018, Banev received 20 years in prison in Italy in the Cocaine Kings case. He was accused of leading an international cocaine trafficking group. Banev was also sentenced to 10 and a half years in prison by the Bucharest Court of Appeals, again for cocaine trafficking. Romania was the first to declare Banev wanted after Bulgaria refused to extradite him to Bucharest, arguing that there was a lawsuit against him in Bulgaria. With the same argument, Italy released Brendo from custody there at the request of Bulgaria. After his arrival in Bulgaria, the “cocaine king” was released and disappeared.

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Brando was captured in Ukraine months ago, but it turned out that he had a Ukrainian passport, and as a local citizen he was not extradited to Bulgaria. Banev was released from custody in Kiev, as Bulgaria Today first wrote. Since then, his traces have been lost.

They also chased the brother-in-law

A case for confiscation is also pending in the Sofia City Court against Monika Dobrinova’s sister Desislava Dishlieva.

Desislava Dishlieva puts 3 million in a safe

Desislava Dishlieva puts 3 million in a safe

The claim of the commission is against her, her daughter Darina Dishlieva and her mother Anna Dobrinova. The commission is asking BGN 58,597 from Desislava Dishlieva, which are installments on a bank loan, as well as EUR 3,083,800, found in a safe in a public vault warehouse. Her daughter is asked to confiscate apartments in the seaside village of Lozenets, and Anna Dobrinova is asked to confiscate a 488-square-meter coffee bar in the Student City in Sofia.

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