Brad Pitt: in France, Angelina has just dealt him a fatal blow!

Brad Pitt has seen better days… For several months, his stormy divorce from Angelina Jolie has been constantly making headlines in the tabloid press. And that’s not about to change. After having agreed on the custody of their six children, the ex-lovers argued violently about their wine estate of Miraval located in the Var.

As a reminder, the duo had acquired this pretty property in 2008. Then, the Brangelina united in these places surrounded by their offspring. At the latest news, the actress would have sold her shares to the Stoli group without consulting it. Unsurprisingly, this decision then set fire to the powder! Stung to the quick, George Clooney’s sidekick then filed a complaint against her.

This Friday, July 22 Page Six has delivered new information on their legal tussle. Jon Voight’s daughter finally won the case to the chagrin of Brad Pitt who has always claimed that they had “ok never to sell […] without the consent of either”… And that’s not all. According to our colleagues, the star of Fight Club accused his ex-wife of having completely abandoned Miraval since the transaction.

They have top notch marketing and distribution…”

Shocked by her countless tackles, Angelina Jolie in turn sued the father of her children… But also her partners which include: the company Mondo Bongo and its commercial director. For her, everyone was trying to harm her! After analyzing all the requested documents, a Los Angeles judge finally ruled in favor of Angelina Jolie.

“Any rational human being would be happy to have Stoli as a partner in his business. They have top-notch marketing and distribution,” underlined relatives of the actress by praising the merits of the company which would manage to develop Miraval. For them, Brad Pitt “just can’t see past his hatred of Angelina Jolie.” To be continued…


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