Božská Kaira Hrachovcová: Sexual suffocation in the elevator!

Although the round fifty, which most women fear like hell, is already in sight, the actress Kateřina Hrachovcová proves that age is just a number. “Where are you going?” asked the provocatively sexy blonde, who became famous, among other things, thanks to the series Life in the Castle, to the photo she took through the mirror of the elevator. The picture from the Luhačovice spa was appreciated not only by fans, but also by famous colleagues of Hrachovcová.

“Honey, I’d like to ask another question: how on earth did you look so divine?!” for example, a model marveled at her Simona Krainová (49). “You look luxurious in that swimsuit. That belly…” added the actress Alice Bend (48). And according to Dagmar The Havels (69) is said to be »beautifully sculpted«. It doesn’t matter – all the famous ladies are right.

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