Boza talks about Sech, El Tachi and Yemil

Gerard Govea

Boza revealed on the “Trap House Latino” program in Puerto Rico, that he met Faster through a friend from the neighborhood and to show his talent, he improvised, since he had no subject. Then Faster invited him to the stadium and after recording a song with him, she resigned from his label to concentrate on working with Boza.


Boza remembers that his father was a full Jamaican musician. And that, at be son of young parents, he grew up with music, in parties and that influenced him.

First idols

Boza commented that Nando Boom, Danger Man, Chicho Man, were the first artists he heard in Spanish when he was a child.

The best in Panama?

Boza was reminded of the words Ozuna said when he said he was the best in Panama. Given this, Boza pointed out that he learns something every day and likes to be challenged, he does not seek to be the best, he just wants to be himself.

The Tachi and Yemil

He said that they were three boys from the street and they found people who guided them along the road to look for a dream. “Each one is very hard in his line, with his flow, with his metrics, I find no differences between me and them.

He mentions that he was the first to be imprisoned, then El Tachi and finally Yemil, he believes that the three of them have learned a lot from that experience and have given themselves the opportunities today.

“I think he was the first who saw the opportunity, he knew how to take advantage of it and opened the door, I feel that Sech was that; he is super talented, what he does is admired, his flow, his style, unique, with the simple fact of being Panamanian it is already as if everyone had crowned because it is difficult for a Panamanian to go out like this,” Boza said about his thoughts on Sech.

inspiration to produce

Boza revealed that he doesn’t do anything special when it comes to producing, he can be inspired by the bathroom, walking and even “Ella” came out while cooking and listening to the instrumental.


It has its pros and cons, it depends on how it is taken because on the street it can be taken badly, Boza pointed out.

Make a Chosileo?

He would like to do it one day, but for this Boza knows he has to hit more “sticks” to be ready when the opportunity arises.

Personal life

Boza knows that there are difficult things that sometimes a couple can understand and sometimes not. And sometimes she takes it with her so that she herself realizes how things happen.

“The BEST of PANAMA will be BOZA” – OZUNA #EnElTrapHouse [82]

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