Boza celebrates 50 Million views of the remix of "Her"

Gerard govea

Boza reached the round figure of 50 million views on YouTube thanks to “Her Remix “, theme of which they are part: Lenny Tavarez, Juhn, Lunay and Beéle.

Boza had mentioned that “She” was the song of a person he knew, that they talked about her, there were many rumors. Boza says that: “Today it is my friendship, I met the person, I realized that it was the opposite of what others said; she is very cool, a hard-working girl, driven forward; I am very inspired by what happens around me, what I see, what I live, what I feel “.

Lenny Tavárez related at the time that he joined with BCA to write verses and add the “wordiness” of the street of Panama. He remembers that he met Boza in the lobby of his apartment in Miami and that through Dímelo Flow he found out that Boza wanted to remix her and from there he wanted to be part of the song.

Pending the remix of Hecha Pa ‘Mi

Boza had warned some time ago that the remix of “Hecha Pa ‘Mi” would be with the Colombians Carlos Vives, Manuel Turizo and Beéle; and the Puerto Rican Zion. Boza recently published a series of photographs with some of these artists so the release of this remix could be close.

Boza, Lunay, Lenny Tavárez, Juhn, Beéle – Ella (Remix – Behind the Scenes)

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