Boys Over Flowers: Recent dramas of the protagonists in 2022

If you are a lover of K-Dramas, surely you have already seen or heard of Boys Over Flowers, a 2009 story that stole the hearts of thousands with its entertaining plot and catapulted careers like that of Lee Min Ho, who was the protagonist in this Serie. If you are curious about what its protagonists are currently doing, these are their most recent works.

Boys Over Flowers It’s one of the korean dramas most famous of all time. A story about a humble young woman who confronts four rich and arrogant students from her school and ends up helping each change her personality and way of thinking. This drama premiered in 2009, what are its cast doing now?

Boys Over Flowers poster. // Source: Twitter @silvia1212

If you fell head over heels for each of the stars featured in Boys Over Flowers and lost track of them a long time ago, here’s what you need to know about their latest work in the acting world and what they’re working on in 2022.

More than 12 years after the launch of this iconic and unforgettable series, this is what the main cast of Boys Over Flowers is doing today. New stories that you will want to add to your list to watch in the coming days.

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What is the cast of Boys Over Flowers working on in 2022?

More than 12 years ago, Boys Over Flowers, an unforgettable Korean drama based on the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, premiered. This story became very popular all over the world and is considered as the most watched and popular K-Drama of all time. Do you want to know where their cast is currently?

Although Goo Hye Sun stayed away from the world of acting for a while, her last project being You Are Too Much in 2017, her last project was in 2021 in the short film Dark Yellow, in which she also participated as director and screenwriter. The actress focused on writing and art, writing the best seller called Tango.

Actor Lee Min Ho is the one who has had a more successful career after appearing in this series. His last job was in the Apple TV + series Pachinko, a story that made him one of the nominees for the 2022 EMMYs. In addition to that, the renowned actor is currently filming Ask the Stars, the new romantic comedy from the.

After a strong controversy, Kim Hyun Joong completely walked away from the world of acting. Being her last job in 2017 with the drama That Moment When Time Stops. However, last year she came back in the movie called Indian Pink, a horror thriller movie.

Kim Bum’s last job was in the hilarious medical drama Ghost Doctor, where he ends up being the body inhabited by the spirit of the deceased and arrogant doctor played by Rain. In addition to that, Kim Bum is currently filming the second season of Tale of the Nine Tailed.

Kim Joon’s last work was in Alive in 2019 and in the movie Friday the 13th in the same year. She has not been mentioned so far if she will participate in any other series.

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