#BoycottTampax: an inappropriate tweet from the brand provokes the anger of American Internet users

The origin of the controversy? A tweet from tampon brand Tampax. “You’re in their DMs (their messaging), we’re in them. We are not the same”, wrote the sign in a tone of humor. In that post, Tampax was referring to “heavy guys” who contact girls via private message on social media. But this “joke” angered American women. Many Internet users felt that this message was totally inappropriate and sexist. For them, joking about the behavior of potential harassers is totally unacceptable.

“A disgusting tweet. Women receive all kinds of sexual offers from disgusting men, no need for companies to highlight them”, denounced a user in particular. “Tampons are NOT sexual. Men who stalk and harass girls on social media is no joke,” indignant another Twitter user. “I can’t wait to meet your new social media manager,” “You. Are. Disgusting,” “That’s BEYOND inappropriate for a business”, can we also read on the social network.

American Internet users then launched the hashtag “BoycottTampax”, thus calling on women to boycott the brand of sanitary tampons. “Tampax, thank you for making it clear to the women who pay for your ‘products’ that you have no respect for them,” one netizen said after using the hashtag. “I was nine when I first used a tampon. I was traumatized by my periods and if I had known that the company that made them would sexualize me to use them, it would have been much worse,” added another young woman. As of this writing, the Tampax brand’s controversial tweet is still live on the social network.

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