Boycott of Medina in Verviers: twenty young people demonstrate in front of the town hall to support the French rapper

“By our presence, we want to offer the municipal college to hear some music from the rapper Médine. Indeed, we think or rather we hope that it is out of ignorance that Mrs. Targnion expressed her intention to refuse the rapper’s visit to the Libertad festival. »

This is the reason why the Young FGTB organized a “demonstration” this Thursday around 1:30 p.m. in front of the town hall of Verviers. About twenty people responded to their call, brandishing slogans like “I’d rather regret my speeches than regret my silences” or “You can silence a revolutionary but not the revolution”.

► In a speech, an organizer said he wanted to overcome this controversy (video)

►The mayor explains here the possibility of seeing Médine perform in Verviers: “We have to find a solution”

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