Boy shakes to stop his soldier father from leaving the house

Despite the fact that it is still a little-known country in the West, China also exports your own videos that become trend in this part of the world, just as it happened with the reaction of a child who could not bear his soldier father leaving the house, which is why he begins to cry disconsolately and the images of this moving moment became known to millions in diverse social networks.

a heartbreaking farewell

And it is that the little boy’s father received the surprise call to return to military service, so he had no choice but to take his uniform and get ready to leave home in his native Qingdaoprovince of Shandongafter having spent vacations with his family since last Friday.

This news did not sit well with his youngest son, who days ago filed a fever pictureWell, just one day after arriving home, his father received the call to return.

The father caressed the little boy to try to comfort him. (Photo: Weibo)

The portal Chinese News Outlet People He stressed that the little boy’s farewell was more than emotional, it broke his heart, which was seen graphically when the images of the moment were shared through (which would be the Chinese version of Twitter), where the little boy was extremely distressed crying intensely.

His father hugs him, tries to comfort him, caresses her face lovingly: “Don’t cry, your mom will stay with you”the soldier is heard saying, but the boy continued to cry as he jumped up and down.

Resigned to let it go

But, this did not end here, because the little boy went to the door, stood with his back to his father to prevent him from leaving the house: “I do not want you to go”says the very emotional boy as he sheds heartfelt tears, but then he opened it so that his father could continue on his way, after which he ran into the living room without looking back: “Goodbye dad”says the creature with a resigned voice, a scene that in China is not uncommon, because millions of people migrate to other cities in search of workso the periods away from home are usually very long.

The father received an abrupt call to return to military service.  (Photo: Weibo)
The father received an abrupt call to return to military service. (Photo: Weibo)

Heartbroken users

In the aforementioned chinese social networkthe footage has accumulated over 3 million viewswhere the vast majority of Internet users claim to be moved by this shocking moment.

“Hats off, little one. Your dad is a hero and so are you., “I hope your dad comes home safe and sound”, “The last goodbye the boy said made me cry”, “Every time my husband returns to duty, I cry too like the boy did.”

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