Boxer Julie Le Galliard dies of Covid-19: “The vaccine is absolutely not the cause”, assure her relatives

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The 31-year-old boxer had contracted the coronavirus and had been hospitalized for several weeks. The young woman finally succumbed to the disease this Sunday, November 14. A news that aroused emotion among those who knew her on and outside the rings. “Julie was a very close friend. In 2015, when she was champion of France, I was in her corner around the ring, ”said Anne-Sophie Mathis, multiple world welterweight champion, to L’Est Républicain.

Since the announcement of her death, several Internet users are wondering about the possible role of the vaccine in the death of Julie Le Galliard. Those close to the young woman are clear: “the vaccine is absolutely not the cause”. “She was part of the first round of vaccination for serious illnesses, and had no booster. So the immunity from his vaccination fell sharply. But the vaccine did not kill her, ”reveals a relative. As a reminder, the champion also suffered from an immunosuppressive disease.

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