Box office 2021: discover the 10 biggest successes in France

In 2021, cinemas welcomed 96 million spectators. Find out which films have been the most viewed this year with the 10 biggest box office hits in France.

The film review of 2021

The year 2021 was marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and the obligation for cinemas to close their doors for several months. Thus, between October 30, 2020 and May 19, 2021, the rooms remained empty. But subsequently, the spectators responded. Between the resumption and December 21, 96 million admissions were recorded. Which represents a 47% increase in attendance compared to the previous year, even more impacted by the coronavirus. However, if we compare this figure to a “normal” year, like 2019, the score is very low. This year, 213.3 million tickets had been sold. So there was better, but we are far from the mark. And we can only hope that 2022 will be much better for theaters.

France’s 10 box office films

To reach such a figure, the French box office was able to take advantage of the release in the second half of the year of several American blockbusters, but not only … Indeed, if we look at the ten films which achieved the most admissions in 2021, we discover, thanks to Cbo-Box Office, that three french films can be found in this classification. Without much surprise, there is Kaamelott – First part (4th) and The Tuche 4 (8th). Less expected, North Bac ranks 5th in this ranking with more than 2 million entries.

Arthur (Alexandre Astier) – Kaamelott First part © SND

Beside, except for Conjuring 3 (9th) and Charm (6th), the French public came to see action cinema, with the farewells of James Bond (To die can wait, 2e), or the last Spider-Man which occupies the first place of the classification with a score of 4.6 million entries.

Discover the 10 biggest successes of 2021 below in detail:

1. Spider-Man: No Way Home – 4,604,615 entries
2. To die can wait – 4,003,023 entries
3. Dune – 3,163,453 entries
4. Kaamelott – First part – 2,652,314 entries
5. North Bac – 2,218,308 entries
6. Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family – 2,187,435 entries
7. Fast & Furious 9 – 2,025,112 entries
8. The Tuche 4 – 1,938,949 entries
9. Conjuring: under the influence of the devil – 1,887,284 entries
10. All in scene 2 – 1,753,587 entries

Universal stronger than Disney!

here five years that The Walt Disney Company France dominates the French box office. It must be said that with Marvel films, cartoons or even Star Wars, the studio has serious arguments. But this year, the best French distributor is … Universal Pictures France! With 14,374,658 entries, the distributor overtakes Mickey’s firm by more than a million – which stopped at 13,086,575 admissions. To reach such a figure, To die can wait and his 4 million tickets sold helped a lot, as did Fast & Furious 9 and All in scene 2 which together accumulate more than 3.7 million admissions. For Disney, alone Charm arrives in the top 10 since Spider-Man: No Way Home, although produced by Marvel, is distributed by Sony – which owns the rights to adapt the Spider-Man universe.

Not sure that Disney is satisfied with the second place in 2022. If the health situation allows it, the studio will be released three highly anticipated superhero movies : Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness (May 4), Thor : Love and Thunder (July 13) and Black Panther : Wakanda Forever (November 9). To which will be added cartoons and many other productions …

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