Boutonnet-Beaux-Arts: the City will put "to the consultation" the near future of the two neighborhoods

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The public meeting on Wednesday evening at the gymnasium of the Arts, rue de la Cavalerie, was almost full and attracted some three hundred people for this first meeting.

The Arts gymnasium was almost full on Wednesday.

What to remember from the almost three hours of public meeting organized by the municipality, Wednesday at the end of the day at the Gymnasium des Arts to discuss the changes to come in the districts of Boutonnet and Beaux-Arts? First of all, and as during each identical meeting within the framework of the so-called “peaceful neighborhoods” operation, traffic and parking (between 5% and 7% of the so-called surface places must be removed, editor’s note) occupied the major part question-and-answer game. This after a long monologue launched by Michaël Delafosse.

A mayor who recalled some of the choices made by his majority to improve the living environment. Cycle paths, meeting areas, sidewalks, traffic pattern and real estate pressure therefore constituted the bulk of the intervention of the city councilor. This one highlighting the achievements already made or to come (Arceaux, Clemenceau…).
“We have to debit! »
As for the near future of Boutonnet, the first Montpellier magistrate was clear: the redevelopments will only relate “on the bottom of the suburb”. But, also, on the outskirts of the Crous to secure pedestrians and cyclists. Ditto for the immediate surroundings of the three school groups in this part of the city, including the Condorcet school. But also rue Moquin-Tendon (between Philippidès and rue Lakanal) “that must be debited!” and treat “in the style of Marioge Street” at the Arches. Another project: that of the Lieutenant-Normand stadium. “It is a project intention. There are discussions with the Rectorate because it is the property of the Françoise-Combes high school”said Michaël Delafosse.
Start of work announced for 2024-2025
For the Beaux-Arts, the eponymous square and its neighbour, Émile-Combes, will be redeveloped, but following consultation

The mayor also made it known that he will agree with the decision of the population as to the diversion of the current transit road traffic. An incessant flow that has somewhat upset the city life of this part of the city. One thing is certain, however: at Boutonnet as at the Beaux-Arts, the first pickaxes will not be given before 2024, or even 2025. Another certainty assumed by the chosen one:“We conduct a policy that sometimes raises questions about mobility”
. An ambitious plan to be gauged in the light of the transformations announced and carried out.

The schedule: until July 11: first phase of online consultation; June 11: end of applications to participate in the “inhabitants” working group: autumn: presentation of the proposals of the inhabitants working group; 2023: second public meeting. The dedicated website ( allows you to register for workshops or give your opinion via the internet.

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