Both the accused of copying in REET and Patwari Bharti, residents of the same village know the whole matter related to the recruitment examinations.

Both the accused of copying in REET and Patwari Bharti are residents of the same village, in REET & Patwari Exam, the strings of the copying gang are related to the same village, the candidates demanded a CBI inquiry, the government only to get the SOG investigated. Agreed, BJP accuses Congress government

The Teacher Eligibility Test was conducted in the state of Rajasthan on 26 September last month, ever since this examination has been held, it has been in the headlines continuously since then. Now this examination is going to be about a month and till now the investigating agencies have not been able to uncover the copying gang. There have been cases of copying on a large scale in the exam of REET, some of the candidates involved in this recruitment examination were arrested by the police administration who had brought bluetooth devices hidden in their slippers.

Similarly, now on 23rd and 24th October, Patwari Recruitment Examination was conducted in different districts of Rajasthan state and in this recruitment examination also cases of dummy candidates have come to the fore who were appearing in the place of some other person. There are many people behind all the cases of fraud that have come up in the reet and Patwari Recruitment Exam.

The person who runs this whole copying gang, then they are residents of the same village. Many people have been arrested by the police administration and they are also being interrogated continuously. The candidates appearing in the examinations say that it has been a month since the exam of REET, but still the investigating agency has not been able to find out anything. That is why in place of SOG, the government should get the investigation done by CBI so that the future of the candidates appearing in this examination is not spoiled.

Mastermind Mohan Lal Bishnoi was caught including different members of the copying gang

  • So far more than 50 people have been arrested by the police administration. Recently, the administration has caught two members of the copying gang in Jodhpur today as well as the gang mastermind Mohanlal Bishnoi, Naresh Bishnoi and Hanuman Meena, who set up Dummy Candidate in Kota. While Ramlal Bishnoi, who has placed Dummy Candidate in the entire Rajasthan state in the Patwari Recruitment Examination, is absconding for 3 days, but it is being continuously searched by the police, soon it will also be caught. Ramlal Bishnoi is also a resident of Bhajanlal’s village, who got the REET paper leaked.
  • Bhajanlal is the main accused of getting paper leak in REET Recruitment Exam, but even after one month of continuous investigation by SOG, Bhajanlal was not caught. All the candidates who appeared in the REET exam say that the government could not do its job well. As the government had said that cheating would be stopped in the examination, but it could not stop copying in the examination. Along with this, SOG has not been able to trace Bhajanlal Bishnoi even after one month.

Candidates are demanding a CBI inquiry, but the government is not ready to conduct a CBI inquiry

  • All the candidates appearing in the REET examination say that the investigation is not being done well by SOG, so the responsibility of investigation should be given to the CBI. The accused will also be arrested soon after a thorough investigation by the CBI, but the government is not ready for the CBI investigation yet, that is why no answer is being given to the candidates.
  • In the investigation of REET exam, SOG has not been able to find out from where the REET paper was written. While 20 people have been arrested, including 3 policemen. It is being said that these policemen have come by writing the paper, that is why questions are being raised on SOG as well as the police administration.

BJP state president accused Congress party

Regarding the examination of REET, the BJP state president has claimed that the main accused Battilal is a member of Congress and he has got full help in getting the paper done, only then he has easily carried out this incident. Apart from this, Panachand Jain who is a Retired High Court Judge. He has also said that the government should support the CBI on the issue of getting the paper leak probed. Because now after proper investigation by the CBI, the accused can be found and arrested in time.

Education Minister denies CBI probe

Rajasthan State Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara has targeted the BJP government for getting the CBI investigated, saying that the BJP government misuses the CBI and anyway the REET exam has been done in a very transparent manner. are not needed.

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