Boris Becker: Boris Becker’s lawyer takes on Lilly

Boris Becker
Lawyer makes it clear: “Lilly is not the spokeswoman for the family”

Lilly and Boris Becker 2018

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After Boris’ arrest, Lilly Becker spoke publicly about her close relationship with his current girlfriend Lillian de Carvalho Monteiro. The former tennis pro’s lawyer met with a lack of understanding, as he reveals to GALA.

After tennis legend Boris Becker, 54, was sentenced to prison at the end of April, his ex-wife Lilly Becker, 45, publicly emphasized how closely Boris’ wives – i.e. ex-wife Barbara, Becker’s current girlfriend Lillian and she – stuck together in this situation.

Lawyer makes it clear: “A little restraint would be appropriate here”

Becker’s German media lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser now makes it clear in the current GALA: “Lilly Becker gives the impression that she is the spokeswoman for the family. But she is not.” Boris and Lilly had separated in 2018. Moser adds: ” Ironically, the person who has been in complex divorce proceedings with my client for years and who, until recently, had no serious contact with the Becker family. A little restraint would be appropriate here.”

Moser says about the role of Becker’s partner Lillian de Carvalho Monteiro: “My client’s new girlfriend is old enough to speak for herself when it’s appropriate. She doesn’t need Lilly Becker for that.”


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