Bordeaux threatened with death in the event of a descent into L2?

Current 17th in Ligue1, the Girondins de Bordeaux are in a very worrying situation. And on the side of the leaders, we do not hide the disaster that a descent into Ligue 2 would be.

A week after the defeat against Olympique de Marseille, Girondins de Bordeaux supporters have already forgotten everything, the anxiety now being great to see their favorite club disappear completely at the end of the season. Because the current ranking of the club in the scapular, 17e with only a point ahead of Metz, penultimate in Ligue 1, there is cause for concern, especially since if the winter transfer window will make it possible to clean up the workforce, it will not offer Vladimir Petkovic reinforcements capable of completely reversing the situation. While Gérard Lopez has to struggle with worries in Belgium, Bordeaux is in a critical situation and even among its leaders it is not hidden that the concern is growing. Facing the press, the deputy general manager of the Girondins agreed to talk about a possible relegation to Ligue 2. And his observation is totally frightening.

Bordeaux in Ligue 2, it’s impossible

Thomas Jacquemier did not take tweezers, admitting that the club was not cut out to go to Ligue 2 and that if this were to be the case, then Bordeaux could completely sink. ” We are not going to hide, today for the Girondins de Bordeaux, Ligue 2, there is no model, no life in Ligue 2. Today the income we derive from TV rights in Ligue 2 do not allow the club to survive there. For once, we can not consider it, like some clubs that are doing the lift and are more suited to that. For us, this is not possible. This cannot be a project where we tell ourselves that we are procrastinating, and that we will come back later “Said the deputy general manager of the Girondins, who believes that Benoît Costil and his teammates can get the club out of this nightmarish situation. In the meantime, Bordeaux has decided to fire Winamax, its jersey sponsor, whose spirit no longer fits with the Girondins.

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