Bordeaux: The covid excuse against OM is bogus

Beaten for the first time at home by OM in 44 years, the Girondins de Bordeaux cannot blame everything on the covid.

Yes Bordeaux had known many worries during the days preceding the reception of OM at Matmut Atlantique, the club with the scapular piling up the case of covid. But Marseille also had some problems, and on the Gironde lawn there were only professional footballers at the time of the kick-off on Friday night against the formation of Jorge Sampaoli. So, the Gironde formation should not hide behind a health excuse to justify a very poor performance, since it has unfortunately become a habit for the men of Gérard Lopez. While the Girondins de Bordeaux point to a very worrying 17th place in the Ligue 1 standings with only one point ahead of FC Lorient, penultimate, Johan Micoud does not hide his desolation at what he saw from Bordeaux against Marseille. In comments relayed by Girondins4Ever, the former Bordeaux player said what he had on his heart.

Bordeaux plays badly, even without the covid

And it is an understatement to say that Johan Micoud is terribly worried, seeing no excuse for this additional fiasco very badly experienced by the Bordeaux supporters. ” Some players on the lawn have been affected by the Covid, but I do not know if the Covid prevents passing and offensive sequences … That’s what I missed in this match on the Bordeaux side. Marseille were also affected, but I saw a team that was trying, that was trying to pass, to have a slightly positive dynamic to try to win this match. They logically won it (…) It’s a team in bad shape since the start of the season, they can’t find any real benchmarks (…) Mentally, obviously, it was a bit particular. They were confused. But I think it’s more the start of the season that weighs on them and I’ve often seen Bordeaux play », Confided the former international leader of France, who has worn the Girondins jersey on 256 occasions.

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