Bordeaux ridiculed, Petkovic’s resignation requested

After the crack taken in Rennes, Bordeaux risks finding itself in the red zone after this weekend.

The 6-0 defeat shows how much the Girondins dropped the case on this meeting against the domination of the Bretons. Very sour criticism fell on the club in the scapular, and although he cannot be blamed for all the ills, Vladimir Petkovic was asked to leave office. The former coach of Switzerland is indeed in danger of taking the door, and the outcome cannot be otherwise for the local press, and in particular the journalist Clément Carpentier. ” After this new shameful and humiliating defeat of the Girondins in Rennes (6-0), one and only question: can Vladimir Petkovic continue?! It’s impossible ! If he has a bit of pride, he should even resign on his own,” delivered the 20 Minutes journalist, who knows very well that, apart from Marcelo Bielsa, coaches who resign in Ligue 1 are extremely rare.

ASSE and Bordeaux in danger

For his part, journalist Manu Lonjon draws a parallel with ASSE, also in great difficulty. ” Bordeaux and Sainté: monuments of French football more than in danger. Unfortunately, this is a surprise to no one. The fire is burning… “Launched the transfer window specialist, for whom two major French clubs are in very great danger. ” After Koscielny, Lopes will be able to sideline Petkovic. The sad reality is that Bordeaux has a weak workforce managed by incompetents for years. Big danger, alas », thus recognizes Bertrand Latour, for whom it should not be believed that the problem simply comes from this season, but dates from much longer.

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