Book exposes reaction of Domingos Montagner’s widow to rumors of the actor’s romance with Cleo

A curious chapter of Domingos Montagner’s trajectory appears in the book “The Show Doesn’t Stop“, a biography that has just been released and that tells never-before-seen details about the actor’s lifewho tragically died in 2016, aged 54, when he disappeared in the waters of the São Francisco River, during the recording of “Velho Chico”.

In 2012, when he debuted on Globo in “Salve Jorge”, Domingos saw his name involved in a series of rumors. He played opposite Cleo, his romantic partner in the soap opera, which generated rumors that the two lived a romance behind the scenes of the production.

“Opinion polls showed that the public loved the torrid encounters between Zyah and Bianca by Cleo Pires, but they really rooted for Domingos’ character to end the soap opera with Ayla, played by Tânia Khalil. Gloria (Perez) knew how to take advantage of Zyah’s success and the character grew in the plot”, says an excerpt from the book published by the newspaper “Extra”.

Rumors with Cleo shook Domingos Montagner’s wedding

In the report, it is stated that Luciana Lima, Domingos Montagner’s wife, did not like the repercussions.

“In a short time, Domingos had to deal with the paparazzi and the gossip that he had an affair with Cleo in real life. Luciana (the actor’s wife) did not like it at all, but the 12-year marriage would not end because of tabloid news. The couple understood each other and adjusted to the bones of Duma’s new job,” he said.

Domingos Montagner’s widow was moved by biography

While the book was being born, Luciana Lima, widow of Domingos Montagner, revisited memories intertwined with her own history.

“I confess that when I entered the chapter on how we met and the birth of our children, I was moved. The book also brings things from his childhood that I only knew about the barbecue. We put pieces of the puzzle together and seeing a clearer image of the person. This is very nice and beautiful”, he declared.

How do Domingos Montagner’s children deal with missing their father?

Domingos Montagner and Luciana Lima had three children: Leo, 18, Antonio, 15, and Dante, 11. Their mother always shares each tribute with them, and says that each has their own way of dealing with the absence of their father. .

“One speaks with a more nostalgic tone; another, more cheerful; and the other always asks. I leave them very comfortable, each one in their own time. Sometimes, everyone goes; at other times, one at a time; and at other times, no one goes”, said Luciana.

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