Booba violently attacks Stromae who confided in his depression and his desire for suicide: "Big shit! What are you using us for? Go get your pills and stay in bed"

Banned from Instagram, it is through the OKLM account that Booba did not hesitate to criticize in a very violent way the performance of Stromae at 8 p.m. on TF1, just a week ago, but also the revelations about his desires suicide and his depression. And the criticism is quite violent, since in the first place, he insults the artists Gims, Orelsan and Stromae, accused of being “three big shits”.

In the commentary that accompanies the photo, he then attacks the Belgian singer more virulently. “The other comes back swollen with Xanax on TF1, he tells us about his depression, but brother the whole world is sinking”, can we read.

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Very clearly, Booba wants to make it clear that he has nothing to do with Stromae’s moods, which for him seem secondary because of the current state caused by the pandemic. And to add: “What are you using us for? We didn’t wait for you to get depressed, we no longer have any freedom, go take your pills and stay in bed.

On January 7, Stromae offered a very remarkable performance of his latest title “Hell”, during his appearance on the TF1 8 p.m. newscast:

“I have sometimes had suicidal thoughts and I am not very proud of them. Sometimes people believe that this is the only way to silence them. These thoughts make me live through hell”. After 7 years of absence, the singer Stromae unveiled his new hit on TF1, which frankly addresses the problems of depression he has gone through.

This willingness of the artist to break taboos around mental health, shared by more and more stars like gymnast Simone Biles, has been welcomed by many doctors.

“Thank you Stromae for tackling the difficult subject of #suicide in your latest album. It is so important to ask for help if you have difficulties and to support those who need help”, wrote WHO President Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Twitter on Wednesday January 12.

“We can say what we want, communication, marketing or other. The impact that Stromae had in 3 minutes I would never have it in the life of a psychiatrist! Those who have experienced depression know It’s not easy to talk about it. He decides to do it. Frankly, we take the gift!”, Also greeted Nicolas Rainteau, psychiatrist at the Montpellier University Hospital.

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