Booba: his Twitter account has been suspended again


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Credits: Instagram

But where has Booba gone? Fans of the French rapper are once again asking the question. Again ? And yes, because this is not the first time that the Muscles of French rap has been sanctioned on the web.

This Saturday, January 8, Internet users had the nice surprise not to find Booba on the web. It’s first Instagram who had deleted the artist’s account, before Twitter not make the same decision. The rapper is not always welcome online and for good reason … His 5.6 million subscribers could read this message when they woke up: “@Booba’s account is temporarily suspended because it violates Twitter media policy. ” For the curious, by clicking on “find out more”, the platform reminds: “That it is prohibited to publish excessively bloody media and to share violent or adult content from media showing violence and / or sexual assault and hate images.”

Booba speaks on Twitter when his account reopens

Would Booba be able to post hateful content? Instagram would he have closed the account of the famous rapper for no reason? And of course not. Booba’s name often appears next to words “slippage” and “violence”. Settlement of scores, exchange of bird names with his rivals … The singer has a hard time standing, in public and behind his screen. Even with Maître Gims, the scent of hatred is felt more and more strongly. The maestro had not quite kept his calm, retorting: Remember that, you will never be criticized by someone who does more than you; you will only be criticized by someone who does less than you “

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Booba, fired from Twitter for his anti-vax positions?

We would have been surprised if Booba had not shared his opinion on the health crisis and especially on the health pass. According to the rapper, “We can only force people to get vaccinated with a vaccine that is tested and 100% effective. Otherwise, we are hamsters. They suspended me because they found my profile picture inappropriate. just give my opinion on a delicate subject by relaying the truth. I invite the people, sports singers, actors etc to do the same. “ In the meantime, the account of the angry rapper has been reactivated. For how long ? The continuation to the next skid!

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